Agenda for MassRID General Meeting

Hello Members!

Hope everyone is enjoying this cold and snowy winter!

If you would like a place to gather and be warm with some fantastic colleagues, please come to the MassRID General meeting!

When: Feb 9, 2014

Where: Bristol Commuity College 777 Elsbree Street Fall River, Mass 02720

Time: 9:00-3:30 (arrival time 8/8:30 (register,chat,breakfast) 


9:00-12:00 Business Meeting

12:00-12:30 Pot Luck Lunch

12:30-3:30 Evelyn Sheilds and Cara Schwartz leading a Dialogue about the out-of-state interpreting agencies who contact us, what it means for us, for our consumers, MCDHH, what do do about these emails/calls, etc.

Come out and support YOUR organization!

Hope to see you all there!!

Kelley and Kerri

MassRID Call for Leadership




MassRID will hold elections in May 2014 for our four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer.  We need nominations - please consider nominating yourself or someone you think would be a good candidate.  Since we have no nominations committee, please pass your nominations to me at
I will stay on as an ex officio member of the board and will help guide the new officers.  The regional reps will overlap the first year of the term of the new officers until May 2015.
This is a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop leadership, and work with a fantastic group of people who are committed to the growth of interpreting as a field and who will fight in support of Deaf people's rights. 
From our bylaws, the requirements to run for office:
  • Must be member in good standing of National RID
  • Must be general/voting member in good standing of MassRID for a minimum of one year immediately prior to becoming an officer
  • Must possess no conflict of interest
  • Must be a current resident of or work in Massachusetts

The duties of the Board of Directors:

  • To direct & coordinate the business of MassRID
  • To attend meetings of the Board
  • To attend General meetings
  • To appoint standing committee chairpersons and committee members
  • To appoint special committees when necessary to carry out the functions of MassRID
  • To serve as Board Liaisons to standing committees
  • To appoint members to serve as representatives to related associations and agencies

Duties of the President:

  • To preside at all general & board meetings of MassRID
  • To attend to and bring to the attention of the Board & Membership all business of MassRID
  • To appoint Board Members to serve as Board Liaisons to standing and ad hoc committees
  • To represent MassRID at appropriate professional activities
  • To serve as a Board Liaison to one or more standing or ad hoc committees, if needed.

Duties of the Vice President:

  • To assist the President in duties relevant to the business of MassRID
  • To serve as a Board Liaison to one or more standing or ad hoc committees
  • To oversee the CEU system
  • To assist the President with any duties as necessary
  • In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall assume all duties of the President

Duties of the Secretary:

  • To keep complete & accurate records of all general & board meetings of the organization
  • To send copies of all minutes to board members
  • To have approved all final versions of the minutes before they are printed for publication/added to the secretary’s book
  • May have the authority to sign checks in addition to the Treasurer & President
  • To serve as a Board Liaison to one or more standing or ad hoc committees
  • To assist the President with any duties as necessary

Duties of the Treasurer:

  • To collect the moneys of MassRID and make disbursements
  • To collect members’ dues and pass membership information to the Membership Committee
  • To sign checks
  • To file all appropriate tax forms, state & federal
  • To keep accurate records of the organization’s financial business
  • To make financial reports for all meetings
  • To serve as a Board Liaison to one or more standing or ad hoc committees
  • To assist the President with any duties as necessary

Secretary Amanda Richter Farewell VLog



General Meeting Agenda 10/5/2013


General Meeting Agenda 10/5/13

1. Call To Order 9:00-9:01

2. Count the quorum 9:01-9:10

3. Approval of the minutes (4/27/13, 1/6/13, 9/15/12, 6/24/12) 9:10-9:30

4. Officer Reports (60 minutes)

a. President – 9:30-9:40
b. Vice President (Covered by President) 9:40-9:41
c. Treasurer- 9:41-9:51
d. Secretary– 9:51-10:00

5. Region/Student Representative Reports

a. SE/CC – 10:00-10:03
b. NE – (Covered by President) 10:03-10:06
c. Central – 10:06-10:09
d. West – (Covered by President) 10:09-10:12
e. Boston – 10:12-10:15 
f. RDI- 10:15-10:17
g. NU- 10:17-10:19
h. NECC- 10:19-10:21

6. National RID Board Reports

a. Region I Rep- JCT 10:21-10:26
b. IDP Member Section Region I Rep- Naomi Berlove 10:26-10:31
c. Deaf Caucus National Chair- Stephanie Clark 10:31-10:36

7. Committees

a. Professional Development- (Covered by Secretary) 10:36-10:38
b. Communications- 10:38-10:43
c. CMP- 10:43- 10:48
d. Membership- 10:48-10:52
e. Scholarship- 10:52-10:56
f. Nominations Committee- (Covered by President) 10:56-10:57
g. Fundraising- (Covered by President) 10:57-10:58

8. Old Business 10:58-10:58

a. No old business

9. New Business 10:58-11:45

a. Motions from the floor

i. The Communicator
i. Out of State Referral (Susan Stange) 11:00-11:22
ii. National Deaf Interpreter Conference (Gigi Doran) 11:22-11:45

10. Meeting Adjourned 11:45

11. Announcements 11:45-11:47

• Winter General Meeting Sunday, January 12th

• Cultivating New Leadership for our Spring 2014 officer elections

12. MCDHH 11:47-12:00


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