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MassRID Announcements: General Meeting & Online Registration

Announcing our next General Business Meeting!

Where: 51 Wood Ave, Gil MA (Map)

When: Sunday September 18th, 2011

9am-12pm Professional Dialogue: Revisiting Standard Practices (CEUs available)

This will be a discussion led by Nathan Fowler and Evelyn Shields regarding our Standard Practices as Interpreters. Prior to their first meeting at Deaf Inc., Nathan and Evelyn conducted a survey regarding the decisions we make as interpreters and how we come to those decisions. Do we, in fact, follow "standard practices"?. Please click the blue links in this sentence if you'd like to see the report summary of their survey, and/or the notes from the first group discussion.

12pm-1pm Pot Luck (please contact Cat Dvar at TerpStuff@aol.com regarding what to bring)

1pm-5pm General Business Meeting (agenda TBA)

Online Membership Registration is here!

I'm excited to announce the ability to join or renew membership with MassRID via MassRID.org!

To join/renew your MassRID membership online, please click on the Join MassRID link on the main page, underneath our main photo. This wil bring you to the registration page. Please fill in all required information, otherwise your submission will not be accepted.

Near the bottom of the first page, you'll notice this section:

When you create a profile by joining, other members (and only other members, not the general public) will be able to search for you via our new database. You have control over which items (phone numbers, addresses, etc) other members will be able to view when they search for you. As you can see above, all of the items are checked because by default this will make them all private. Please UNCHECK whichever pieces of information you wish to share with other members.

Once you've finished this page, please click submit and you'll be brought to this page:

Here you will choose your membership type (General/Student/Supporting/Organizational). Once you've selected, click on Pay Now and you'll be brought to Paypal. Via Paypal you can pay for your membership using a Paypal account or by using a credit card. Once you've made a payment, you'll receive a confirmation email. Within a few hours you'll receive an email from Web@MassRID.org welcoming you and giving you your username and password. From there you can go to MassRID.org and login, change your password, add a profile photo (optional), and search the database for other members.

Note: once you have registered the first time, you will not need to do so again each year to renew. Instead, you'll be able to renew on the website by logging into your profile and making a new payment.

Thank you!

~Aaron Malgeri

MassRID WebGuy

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