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Greater Boston Meet Up - Change in Location

Hello Greater Boston Region!

Summer has come to a close and it’s time to get together again! Originally, I had planned to meet for lunch at the Panera Bread restaurant in Arlington, but just learned that they are no longer in business,! We need another location, so I would like to invite you to have lunch in Watertown at the Panera Bread restaurant on Saturday, October 26th.  It’s on 31 Arsenal Street in the rear.

If you need a ride, let me know!

Please RSVP no later than October 19th to me either via telephone (voice or text) at (617) 447-5477 or e-mail at

Hope to see you there!

Anne Freeman, NIC
Greater Boston Rep

General Meeting Agenda 10/5/2013


General Meeting Agenda 10/5/13

1. Call To Order 9:00-9:01

2. Count the quorum 9:01-9:10

3. Approval of the minutes (4/27/13, 1/6/13, 9/15/12, 6/24/12) 9:10-9:30

4. Officer Reports (60 minutes)

a. President – 9:30-9:40
b. Vice President (Covered by President) 9:40-9:41
c. Treasurer- 9:41-9:51
d. Secretary– 9:51-10:00

5. Region/Student Representative Reports

a. SE/CC – 10:00-10:03
b. NE – (Covered by President) 10:03-10:06
c. Central – 10:06-10:09
d. West – (Covered by President) 10:09-10:12
e. Boston – 10:12-10:15 
f. RDI- 10:15-10:17
g. NU- 10:17-10:19
h. NECC- 10:19-10:21

6. National RID Board Reports

a. Region I Rep- JCT 10:21-10:26
b. IDP Member Section Region I Rep- Naomi Berlove 10:26-10:31
c. Deaf Caucus National Chair- Stephanie Clark 10:31-10:36

7. Committees

a. Professional Development- (Covered by Secretary) 10:36-10:38
b. Communications- 10:38-10:43
c. CMP- 10:43- 10:48
d. Membership- 10:48-10:52
e. Scholarship- 10:52-10:56
f. Nominations Committee- (Covered by President) 10:56-10:57
g. Fundraising- (Covered by President) 10:57-10:58

8. Old Business 10:58-10:58

a. No old business

9. New Business 10:58-11:45

a. Motions from the floor

i. The Communicator
i. Out of State Referral (Susan Stange) 11:00-11:22
ii. National Deaf Interpreter Conference (Gigi Doran) 11:22-11:45

10. Meeting Adjourned 11:45

11. Announcements 11:45-11:47

• Winter General Meeting Sunday, January 12th

• Cultivating New Leadership for our Spring 2014 officer elections

12. MCDHH 11:47-12:00


Fall General Meeting and Workshop - 10/5/2013

Hello Mass RID!

You are invited to our next general meeting!!!

When: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where:  WORK INC.

25 Beach St. Dorchester, MA
(617) 691-1500


8:30am-9am Breakfast & Registration
9am – 12 Meeting
12-1 potluck lunch
1pm – 4pm workshop run by Donnie Gibbons on “Interpreting IEP Meetings”
You can earn CEU’s ! (free for members!) 

We will have a pot- luck lunch, so, please bring something to contribute to the meal.

If you can’t make it please send someone to vote  for you via proxy. You will need to contact Amanda Richter our secretary ( as well as Celia Mojica, our membership chair ( and let them know who will be carrying your proxy.  Each member is only allowed to hold two proxies per meeting.  You must be a member in good standing.

**If you need to renew your membership, this meeting would be a good opportunity to do so.

WORK INC has plenty of free parking but if you would like to car pool, let the MassRID Greater Boston Rep (Anne Freeman) know. You may contact her via e-mail at

Hope to see you there!


Interpreting an Individualized Education Plan

Each and every Deaf student in the United States has the right to access a free and appropriate public education.  This is done when the Deaf student qualifies for Special Education, and an I.E.P. is developed.  The special education process is very complicated and jargon laden for someone new to the experience.  Many Deaf parents may find themselves in these I.E.P. team meetings designing services for either their Deaf or CODA children. Interpreting an I.E.P. is not always as strait forward as it seems. There are common pitfalls and challenges that interpreters can be prepared for.  Each meeting is as individual as its education plan.  This workshop will guide you through the process of determining eligibility for special education.  You will learn about parental rights and the composition of an I.E.P. team.  We will discuss the potential volatility of a Deaf/hearing IEP group dynamic.  We will dissect page by page the IEP document and discuss the implications and considerations for the interpreter.  This workshop will provide specific examples of translations, ethical decision-making, and case scenarios for participant practice.

Some of the topics to be covered are:

Parent Concerns and Student/Team Vision
Student Strengths and Key Evaluation Financings
Annual Review verses Three Year Evaluation.
Present Levels of Educational Performance
State Wide Testing and Standard Accommodations.
Measurable Goals
Attendance Requirements
Age of Majority
Transition Panning

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