A Message to Current Voting MassRID Members Regarding the Current Electonic Ballot

Hi everyone, this is a message for current MassRID Voting Members. Some of you already know this so please bear with me, but to those of you who don't already know: MassRID has recently sent out an electronic vote ballot for the current MassRID Board. 

If you've already gotten the ballot, already voted, etc, thank you! If you haven't gotten the ballot and have no idea what I'm talking about: this message is for you. Unfortunately some member information, including up-to-date email address, is out of date so you may not have received a ballot for that reason. Part of what we're doing here is updating that member information that has fallen out of date. 

So, if you have NOT received an electronic ballot from MassRID at I have three requests: first, please just check your inbox again on the off chance that you missed it. If it's not there please check your spam or trash folder to confirm that you didn't receive it. If you still don't find it please send me an email at immediately.  The eBallot closes on April 20, 2013 at midnight so please don't delay. Once you email me I can work with you to identify and hopefully resolve the problem. Worst case scenario if we cannot resolve the issue we can move onto one of our alternate options for casting your vote in the MassRID board election.

And please, if you know other voting members of MassRID PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION! It's possible that they as well have out of date information in our membership database and/or have missed this vote!

Of course, if you have any questions please contact me, Emily Kohler at

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