Andy Prior



Hello. I regret to inform you that this past Sunday, November 14th, a member of our community passed away. His name was Andy Prior. He had graduated from Northeastern University’s interpreting program in May. He was very passionate about his career and was active in both the interpreting and the Deaf communities. He worked at a group home and took the screening in October and we are happy to say that he passed. Boston University, in the past month, asked Andy if he would like to interpret the play “Good”; he gladly accepted. On November 14th 2010, Andy was working on the play with his interpreting team, getting ready for the show, which was only four days away. After rehearsal he got onto his scooter to drive home. He was almost home, on Tremont St. near the Roxbury Crossing T stop, when an SUV struck and killed him. We would like to send our condolences to his family, friends, and our community. For those who are grieving, and those who without Andy feel a loss in their hearts, we are truly sorry. We all will miss Andy dearly.

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