Question for the Membership from the Treasurer



In addition to the bank account that MassRID uses to run the organization, it also has an account used to hold profits from workshops that we have sponsored.

Apparently, several years ago MassRID was hoping to have a series of workshops in the areas of Legal, K-12 and Foundations.  $450 was gained from the initial Legal and K-12 workshops but the series was not continued.  Foundations has actually been offered multiple times and profits are currently at $3600.

Additionally, sometimes we are asked to handle the finances for someone in the community putting together a workshop. The profits we have from these are currently $1300.

The question the treasurer will be posing to the membership is – what to do with those profits?

At the April 27th business meeting MassRID would like to hear ideas from members regarding solutions for this issue. If you have any questions please ask beforehand so we can maximize discussion time during the meeting.

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