A Message from our President

Regarding the Upcoming MassRID Business Meeting

The MassRID board is energized from the membership's participation in our January member forum and the feedback we've received about the organization.

We want to move forward, serving you and making positive change in Mass - working as allies with the Deaf community, supporting our Deaf interpreters, our educational interpreters, our interpreting students and the young professionals just coming into the field.

To that end, we need to VOTE on several important issues at our April meeting:  electing new regional representatives, changing the bylaws to allow for more ease of reaching quorum at future meetings, and making decisions about how our budget will be spent. Each region is a locus for our colleagues to meet and share dialogue about the issues that concern them the most. It's essential to have our business meetings be places where we can introduce topics, bringing them to discussion and voting.  And it's important that every member knows what money is available to them for professional development and has a voice in guiding our organization's decisions.
For this reason, we need to reach a quorum in April.  We have 161 voting members at last count.  One third, 54 members, must be represented at the meeting live or by proxy.  Because we are still constrained by the bylaw that requires two-thirds of the quorum to be in-person voters, we MUST have at least 36 voting members in attendance, with a maximum of 18 proxies held (limit of two proxies per voting member).

We will be voting EARLY in the agenda, as soon as we count the quorum (all reports will be sent by email to the membership prior to the meeting to save time on-site: officers, regional representatives, committee chairs), so if you have other commitments later in the day, please consider coming at 9am, voting, and then leaving!

Thank you for helping to support MassRID so that we can support the interpreters of Massachusetts.

Joan N. Wattman
MassRID President
MassRID General Meeting
April 27th, 2013
The Learning Center for the Deaf, Framingham, MA



  • 9:15 AM: Call to order
  • Count quorum
    **In order to be an official meeting, we need to reach quorum.**
  • Discussion facilitated by president:
    • State rate meeting in February
    • What MassRID does for the membership
  • 9:35 AM: Voting 
    • Bylaws Change: Motion: Article VI Section 5.5 be deleted.
      Rationale: Article VI Section 5.5: Proxy Votes currently reads: "Total number of proxies cannot comprise more than one third of the total votes for any given meeting."  Although the concept behind it is good, this method is unworkable in a general meeting. Deleting it is the easiest way of fixing the logistical problems we’ve had at the last few meeting
    • Regional Representative Elections:
      • Greater Boston
      • Northeast
      • Southeast/ Cape Cod
      • Central
      • West
    • Educational Interpreters Membership
      Reduced rate for first year educational interpreters’ membership (i.e. introductory membership)?
  • 10:30 AM: Treasurer’s Report
    ** Please see full explanation of monetary issues on the website (VLog) and in The Communicator, come prepared to discuss.**
    • Money that is not earmarked
    • Membership discussion on how to best use this money
  • 11:00 AM: MCDHH Report 
  • 11: 30 AM: Wraparound Program Presentation: Ivy Velez

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