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Massachusetts Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

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RID certification maintenance: earning CEUs

You have several options for earning the required 8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within a 4-year cycle.  Up to 2 of those CEUs can be General Studies; the rest must be designated Professional Studies.  Of those Professional Studies, 1.0 or more must be designated PPO, or Power, Privilege, and Oppression.  More information from RID


HowTo Earn CEUs.pdf

There are additional requirements to maintain Legal and Performing Arts specialty certificates.

Academic Course Work:

CMP fee: $25.  Individual members receive one per year processed included in their membership.

Here are the steps to apply for CEUs for your college coursework.  Requirements for the accreditation of the institution are included.  

HowTo Academic Coursework 2020.docx.pdf 

Use this form:     19-Academic Coursework Form fillable.docx

Save your filled-in form as a new document with a new document title, and send attached to an email to Ami Slater at CMP@massrid.org

PINRA: Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity

CMP fee: $10.  Individual members receive up to 3 processed per year included in their membership.

This is designed for educational activities NOT offered by RID-approved Sponsors.  For example: those workshops/conferences which were intended for other professionals (ie teachers, nurses, SPLs) and because you work in those environments, learning the vocabulary or concepts behind the goals is beneficial to your interpreting process.  Or you can apply this to the colloquiums and conferences designed for PhD students and researchers.  Or you can earn General Studies credits by learning about whatever you are interested in!  SCUBA class?  PINRA.  Genealogy class? PINRA.  Remember, in order to interpret, you need to know two things:  both languages, and everything else. (paraphrased from Uncle Dale's Rules of Interpreting)

PINRA Instructions for Participants.pdf   Details on how to do this.  Must make application and come to an agreement on number and type of CEUs before the event starts.

PINRA Form fillable.docx  Here's the application. Send it to cmp@massrid.org after you save it with the file name:  [last name]PINRA[event name].docx

Want to justify Professional Studies for a topic not directly related to language, culture, or interpreting process?  Here is a guide: PINRA PS Justification.docx.pdf

Putting on your own workshop:

You can host a workshop by being the coordinator and finding a presenter.  You determine when, where, how much it costs, and how much the presenter is paid.  The event can be open to everyone, open to a target audience, or invitation-only (closed). Now, how do you get everyone some CEUs for this?

CMP fee: $40 from the coordinator.  Individual members receive one free per year when they are the presenter or the coordinator.  Organizational members receive up to 3 workshops per year processed included in their membership.  Please ask about workshops which are free to all interpreters; we may waive this fee.

Here's our Blank CEU Form revised 2022 06.docx  This is all of the information from the old Activity form and Instructor's form, combined, so you don't have to enter information twice.  Many thanks to PARID for this nice, clean form.  If you fill it in using Word or Google Docs, save it as a newly named file so you can keep the blank form for your next need.

If you're filling in the CEU Form, you'll come to the question of educational objectives.  RID has guidelines on how to create those objectives, and the goal is to use observable, measurable items in the objectives.  That means that "participants will gain understanding of..." is insufficient without a measure of knowledge transfer.  Need some help or ideas on great action words to use?  Try this! Revised Blooms Taxonomy Action Verbs.pdf  You will find an article published in the RID Views magazine to help you better understand it: HowTo Ed Obj - Views Article 2007 0901.pdf  

Before you send out flyers or announcements, provide an electronic copy of your promotional materials for approval.  There are 12 items which must be included.    HowTo Promotional Materials.pdf  You can use the traditional "flyer" which can remain electronic but is a Word document or the like.  OR you can have the required information available where every participants will register for the workshop/series, for example, on your website or in your Google form or whatever technology works for you.  Whatever you choose, the promotional materials with all of the stated requirements will have to be submitted to MassRID and approved for the overall CEU package.  

Whew!  Now it's event day.  You monitor attendance for the entire event, and provide a roster of those who are eligible for CEUs.  During your event, at the end or in a follow-up email, you'll provide all eligible participants with a link to MassRID's Google form, which we use as both an evaluation (individual participation optional) and a required section with their RID member info.  Please impress upon your attendees that they must return this form in order to be awarded CEUs.  

Do you want to host a conference with more than 5 workshops within a week?  We have a plan for that!  Contact us for pricing and procedure.  90 days preparation is required.

You can pay fees by using the "store" here on our website (see below).  You can also pay via paypal: 


 Questions?  Check in with Ami at cmp@massrid.org  

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